Why Us ?

Edumont world school (EWS) understands  the velocity of changing technology as well as the Global attitude and hence, understands the current requisites of Education due to which we have introduced some programs that are fully aimed at making the students independent of any limitations.

Unconventional Teaching Ways of EWS

Surveys and Projects

Surveys and Projects

Holidays Home works with excessive written work is the matter of bygone era. EWS mainly focuses upon one thing at priority that is maximum direct exposure but with the nuance of guidance. Through these projects, the 21st century generation gets an opportunity to learn contemporary skills inclusive of Communication skills, Confidence, application of knowledge, data collection and analysis. As the children directly consult with the person dealing with the thing, the children are able to attain practical knowledge along with the awareness towards surroundings.
Spoken English

Spoken English

Though communication in any language is an effective tool to attain knowledge and grow in life but command over a global language widens the area of horizon. EWS has collaborated with the British Council to enhance among the students, the skill of speaking fluent English. The open access to an International Library facilitates the students with high order thinking and reading skills.



Why should the learning of a student depend upon the limited Knowledge of the teacher answer to this is SOLE, a highly successful technique borrowed from overseas which opens the door to the ocean of knowledge by providing them Self Organised Learning Environment. A mother bird may continue giving the knowledge about flying for years but ultimately the young bird has to be given a chance to fly independently and that’s the moment…Read More
Integrated Projects

Integrated Projects

In addition to the integrated curriculum in kindergarten wing, the integrated projects have been taken up where the students explore about a topic as a whole without the limitations of various subjects. An exceptional topic from the regular curriculum is chosen after which the various group tasks are given to the students to enhance group learning.
The topic of this year for integrated project is Artificial Intelligence which has been chosen to match the students with the velocity of the era.

Sole Program

At Edumont World School, we are driven to unlock the unique potential of each students. One of the many ways in which we are doing this is implementing the globally renowned SOLE programme among the students

Aims at giving the feeling of independence to search limitless.

Generates curiosity to know more.

To keep the group on track

Presentation skills

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