We Value The Most Invaluable Resource – Our Teachers

The facilitators at Edumont World School establish an emotional bond with the students where the child perceives an exclusive feeling of getting owned due to which the barriers of hesitation and non-compliance vanish away. These valuable stakeholders of EWS are well qualified and highly experienced with the capacity to match steps with the contemporary scenario too. The ethical figures of the school justify their character of a teacher considering it as a medium of positive social change through the strength of their real open mindedness. This revered fraternity takes it as its onus to unleash the real characteristics of a child and give him an eternal skill of transforming knowledge into wisdom.

Furthermore, to strike upon the perfect symbiosis, EWS gives plethora of opportunities to the teachers to be learners at times as of which the teacher remains in perpetual acquaintance with the learning process and gets exposed to the innovations of the day. Therefore, the facilitators experience the personal grooming through the variety of intellectual and creative workshops arranged by the school.

The following list is a current list of our staff and will be regularly updated as and when appropriate.

Kindergarten Coordinator: Ms. Ragini Kakria

“The kids at this age need motherly touch essentially to trust upon someone who is not among their family. Therefore, my primary advice to my team is to overcome this challenge of winning the belief of an innocent child with the tool of their ocean of love and care.

Kindergarten staff list

Mother Teachers

Ms. Jyoti Sharma
Ms. Himanshi
Ms. Rajni Dhingra
Ms. Pooja Arora
Ms. Geetanjali
Ms. Shefalee Shukla
Ms. Rajpreet Kaur
Ms. Jyoti
Ms. Ruchika Talwar

Para Educators

Ms. Pooja Rani
Ms. Neha Sharma
Ms. Shivalik

Senior Coordinator

“It gives me a great sense of responsibility to cater to the intellectual needs of the students and my endeavors are always with the target to imbibe among the students, the thoughtfulness to pass through the upcoming challenges independently and confidently. Therefore I always guide my team to make the students experiential and help them to build their own independent opinion.”



Ms. Shafali Lakhanpal
Mr. Paramjit Singh

Social Science

Ms. Shefalee Shukla
Ms. Rajwinder Kaur


Ms. Priyanka Ahuja
Ms. Kiranjot Kaur
Mr. Kamaljit Singh


Ms. Goldy Raheja
Ms. Ambika Sharma


Mr. Sunny Madaan
Ms. Deepika


Ms. Manjeet Kaur
Ms. Amandeep Kaur


Ms. Kanchan Arora
Ms. Priyanka Ahuja

Physical Education

Mr. Yadwinder Singh
Ms. Kiranpal Kaur

Co-Curricular Team

“The characteristics developed through the co-curricular activities always contribute to the overall development of the child due to which, these activities deserve equal share in the curriculum.”


Mr. Yadwinder Singh
Ms. Kiranpal Kaur


Ms. Prabhleen Kaur


Ms. Ekta Sharma

Art & Craft

Ms. Vishakha Malik


Ms. Beant Kaur 


Ms. Manmeet kaur


Ms. Yadwinder Kaur
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